Evans Industries


There is no substitute for accuracy in our business. Evans Industries places a great deal of importance on the quality of products manufactured. Each step along the way has its own built in quality process, from engineering to shipping, every step is important in producing a defect-free final product.

Engineering & Programming

Engineering & Programming

One thing all customers are looking for is value. Evans Industries believes all parts manufactured and assembled should deliver not only value but quality as well.

Our engineers work closely with both our programmers and a customer’s design engineers. This collaboration allows for a streamlined process from design to a completed machined piece. Working with a customer’s engineers helps convey the manufacturability of their product designs, and even further allows for suggestions in design change that can greatly reduce cost. Internally, the collaboration between engineers and programmers allows for a step-by-step process that is agreed upon and determined to be the best course of action. This whole process gives ample opportunity to troubleshoot problems before they occur.

Software utilized:

  • Solidworks
  • ProE
  • Surfcam CAD/CAM Systems by Surfware
  • MasterCam
  • NCSIMUL by Spring Technologies
  • Shop Management Software: Global Shop Solutions

Draw­ings and solid mod­els can be trans­ferred to Evans Indus­tries elec­tron­i­cally with any of the fol­low­ing formats:


  • .DWG
  • .DXF
  • .DRW
  • .PLT
  • .PDF
  • .ASM


  • .PRT
  • .IGES
  • .STP
  • .STL
  • .X-​​T

Evans Indus­tries uses our cus­tomers’ solid mod­els to engi­neer, pro­gram and inspect their parts, reduc­ing errors, and help­ing to ensure that parts are made right the first time and every time.



The entire team at Evans Industries has a combined 200+ years of machining experience. With that in mind, the machinists all take great pride in the work they do, and strive for nothing but the best in every piece produced.

Every set up is meticulously calculated and thoroughly thought out by not just the machinists but by both the programmers and engineers as well. Throughout the machining process, each part is inspected as each operation is completed ensuring errors are not repeated and print specifications are met on the dot. Hard work and long hours put in by Evans machinists allow Evans Industries to meet customers’ deadlines and tolerances.

The collaboration between different departments puts Evans Industries among the top machine shops in terms of quality, accuracy, and customer service.

Assembly & Shipping


Hardware and assembly can be the finalizing step in a part’s production process. Evans Industries’ experience and flexibility allows customers to order individual piece parts, subassemblies, or a complete turnkey finished assembly. High quality program management provides customers with the best of outsourced and in-house manufacturing processes and a complete bill of materials hardware.

Evans Industries’ mechanical assemblies save customers time, labor and component costs while also minimizing their inventory. Extensive experience in manufacturing a wide range of mechanical assemblies for customers in turn gives the quality products they needed to satisfy their customer’s requirements.

Give us an opportunity to take on your next assembly project, and we’ll show you how our expertise can make a positive difference to your bottom line!


Evans Industries is not only dedicated to manufacturing quality parts, but also to making sure that those parts arrive safely, and on time. This is accomplished by packaging each shipment to either a customers’ packaging specifications or by developing a method which insures that it will be delivered damage free, whether it’s delivered locally by the Evans truck or across the country by a common carrier.

Evans Industries will also work with a customer to deliver a “kanban” item, or a “just in time” delivery. This option can significantly reduce inventory on shelves while still meeting production needs.